The Meaning of the Name Genaro
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Christian Baby Boy Name Genaro Meanings, Religion, Origin Details
Meaning of name Genaro
If you’re looking for the meaning of the name Genaro, here it is: Your heart’s desire. In Vedic
Astrology, this name means caring, generosity, and selflessness. People born under this name
are generous and caring hyperverse whitelist, and their personality traits include being ambitious, compassionate,
and optimistic. They also have an innate interest in art, music, and other artistic activities. Their
love of life and a desire to give back to the world make them an ideal match for a partner.
The meaning of the name Genaro comes from a Latin word “januarius”. Janus, a god of
transition, is the Roman god of time, gates, and endings. January, the month named after him, is
an auspicious month of the Roman calendar, and is associated with beginnings and endings. It
also has a religious significance, as the month of January is dedicated to the Roman god.
Popularity of name Genaro
In the United States, the baby name Genaro has a low level of popularity. There are less than
five baby boys with this name in the U.S. in any given year. According to the Social Security
Administration (SSA), the name has been given to approximately 3,237 boys in the United
States since 1880. In 2000, only 152 people were given the name Genaro. There is some
controversy over how the name is pronounced, and some people have argued that the name
should be rearranged to be Agenor.
The SSA’s public records reveal that there are 7,251 babies with the name “Genaro” in the
country. That’s more than enough to fill the nation of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. While the name
first appeared in 1908, it has declined in popularity. Since then, it is only used sporadically. This
is because it is not a common first name. For example, it is not as popular in France as it is in

Gennaro - Meaning of Gennaro, What does Gennaro mean?
Numerology of name Genaro
The numerology of name Genaro can help you make sense of the various meanings of the
name. This page will tell you about the name’s origins, characteristics, and Numerological
significance. Read on to learn more! This page also features audio pronunciations of the name.
Genaro is a very common Italian name, with over 500,000 people bearing the name. To learn
more about the numerology of this Italian name, read on!
The Numerology of name Genaro suggests that this Italian-English name is one of the most
loving, responsible, and life-affirming names in the world. This name represents an artistic,
creative, and balanced personality. It is also associated with a family that values justice and

honesty above all else. In addition, this name is associated with a desire to help others. Genaro
personalities tend to be very caring and sympathetic, and they enjoy spending time with those
who share their values.
Chances of meeting someone with the last name of Genaro
The last name “Genaro” is not very common. In fact, less than one in 714 people have this last
name. The name is often associated with love, creativity, and the desire to live a meaningful life.
While the first recorded use of this last name is in 1908, the surname has become more common
since then. In the past five years, the name “Genaro” has been given to five different newborns.
As of the 2000 census, the last name GENARO is most common among White people. This
name is found in almost 80% of people with Hispanic heritage. The other two percent of people
with this name are African-American, Asian, and Pacific Islander. Fewer than one percent are
American Indian or Alaska Native. People with the last name “Genaro” have an Italian or
Spanish heritage.